Quick Facts

Physical Address:
Philip S. W. Goldson International Airport
P. O. Box 1564
Ladyville, Belize District
Phone:  (501) 225 -2045
E-MAIL:  bacc@pgiabelize.com

Official Name:
Philip S. W. Goldson International Airport

Opening Hours:
Every day from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Beyond normal hours, services are available upon request.

Airport Code:

Government of Belize / Belize Airport Concession Company Limited

Latitude / Longitude:
17 degrees 32 minutes 24 seconds North
088 degrees 18 minutes 48 seconds West

Elevation Above Sea Level:
15 feet

Reference temperature:
32 degrees C

Distance from Downtown Belize City:
16 km or 6.8 nautical miles WNW of Belize City

Total Airport Area:
457 acres

Check-In counters for all airlines are located in Terminals 1 and 2.  Passengers are encouraged to arrive 2 to 3 hours before scheduled boarding time.  Airline check-in facilities are located as follows:

Terminal 1


Tropic Air

Maya Island Air

United Airlines

Terminal 2

American Airlines


Delta Airways



9,900 feet long / 735,800 square feet

Airport TSA CAT #1 (CAT 1, 2, 3)
ICAO CAT #8 Airport with CAT #10 Coverage

Airport Terminal Building:
The Airport Terminal Building measures 110,000 square feet and includes the international and domestic terminals with a total of 7 departure gates.

Car Park:
Two car parking facilities, Car Park A and B, provide 390 parking spaces at the PGIA.  Users pay a US$2.00 exit fee in Car Park A.

A new stand-alone, full-service 12,000 square feet Air Cargo Terminal Building was recently constructed with 8 cargo operators – Amerijet, Aero Dispatch, Fedex, DHL, E-Zone, AeroPost, Belize Post Office, and Sidasheari.

Rental Services Center:
Immediately across from the Airport Terminal Building is located a rental services center. There are 13 car rental agencies – A-class Auto Rental;  AQ Auto Rental; AVIS Car Rental; Crystal Auto Rentals; Discount Auto Rental; Explore Belize Auto Rental; Hertz/Safari Belize; Jabiru Auto Rental; JMA Budget Rentals Ltd.; National Alamo Rent A Car Rental; Pancho’s Auto Rental; Thrifty Auto Rental; Vista Auto Rental.

There are several concession outlets throughout the ATB – 5 duty-free stores, 15 retail and convenience outlets, 2 ATMs, Atlantic bank, 2 restaurants, 2 Delis, and a shoe shine outfit.

Ground Transportation:
The Ladyville Airport Taxi Association operates the taxi service at PGIA.  Service is available for transportation to Belize City and other destinations throughout Belize.  The Association operates a bus service for large groups and can be contacted at 501 – 225 – 2125 or 501 – 610 – 4450.  Conveniently located immediately at the exit to the Arrival Hall is an Airport Taxi Counter offering taxi services.

Smoking Policy:
The PGIA was designated as a non-smoking airport in 2003.  Smoking is only permitted outside the Airport Terminal Building.

Passengers have access to banking services at Atlantic Bank Limited located in Terminal 2.  Automated Teller Machines are located in both Terminals 1 and 2. There is a full-service Belize Bank branch just at the junction with the Philip Goldson Highway.

Courtesy white telephones are located in all areas of the airport.  To contact the Administration Offices dial 0.  Public telephones are located within the airport and accept major credit cards and BTL calling cards.  Local operators can be reached at 115.  Internet Kiosks and cell-phone charging stations are available in the Departure Hall.  Wi-Fi is also available throughout the Terminals.  A telecommunications office is located in the Rental Services Center.