Airside Improvements

Item Completed/In Service Ongoing Comments
Apron Expansion (102,000 sq ft)    
Taxiway Charlie Repairs    
General Apron Repairs    
Runway Extension (2,600 ft)    
Access Road Realignment    
Airside Service Road    
Fencing (12,025 ft)    
Drainage Improvements    
Expansion to Airfield Lighting    
Upgrade of Airfield Lighting Regulators    
Replacement of Apron Jointing    
Airfield Landscaping (65 Acres)    

Crash, Fire & Rescue

Item Completed/In Service Ongoing Comments
Refurbushment of Existing Fire Tenders    
One New 3,000 Gallon Fire Tender    
One New Rapid Intervention Vehicle    
One 800 GPM Mobile Water Pump    
6 Breathing Apparatus    
17 Close Proximity Suits    
3,000 ft of New Water Hoses    
Assorted Fire Fighting Tools    
Major Overseas Training    
Fire Fighting Foam (2,500 Gallons)    
Fire Station Expansion (1,040 sq ft)    

Airport Terminal Building & Cargo Facilities

Item Completed/In Service Ongoing Comments
Expansion/Upgrade of Cargo Facilities    
Cold Storage Cargo Facilities    
Arrival Hall Expansion (4,000 sq ft)    
New Baggage Carousel    
Departure Hall Expansion (7,200 sq ft)    
Landside & Airside Canopies    
5 New X-Ray Machines    
Refurbishment of Restrooms    
Construction of Additional Restrooms    
Expansion of Car Park B (79,000 sq ft)    
Upgrade of A/C Capacity (60 tons)    
Upgrade of Flight Information Display System    
Electrical Supply Upgrade (1,600 Amps)    
Expansion of Admin. Offices    
Upgrade of Water Supply   Storage    
New Standby Generator    
Upgrade of Traffic Signs    
Upgrade to Interior Lighting    
Building Re-Roofing    
Restaurant Expansion - Concourse 1    
Automated Access Controls    
General Repairs - Airport Road    
Upgraded VIP Lounge    
New Employee Lounge (600 sq ft)    
Major Security Training (6000 Man Hours)    
Expansion to Stores (1400 sq ft)    
Refurbishment of Small Fire Station Bldg    
Air Service Development Strategy: Aviation Consultant    

Civil Aviation Dept./COCESNA - Air Navigation Equipment

Item Completed/In Service Ongoing Comments
Secondary Radar Installation    
APP (Approach Control) Room    
Instrument Landing System    
Perimeter Fencing - COCESNA Compound    
Aerodrome Control Training    
Radar Control Training